Tips on How to Buy Salon Hair Products for Flat Ironed Hair

Hair products are far better for our hair than using any sort of heated element to try and control and maintain our hair, but a lot of us definitely need something a bit more than a cream, spray or gel to get the style and hold that we need. Hair products when used with a flat iron only improves our hair quality, as the hair products actually help control our hair with less heat needing to be applied, and the hair products more often than not actually protect our hair from potential heat damage.

So that’s good and all, but what products should you use?If you have ever stepped foot in a salon and had your hair flat ironed, you know that they will recommend at least 3 products to you and tell you that you “need to buy” them. Should you actually listen to these stylists and take their advice, you will end up with a washroom cupboard filled to the brim with a variety of reject mousses, serums, sprays, and other random products that promised to help style and protect your hair.Before you make that impulsive buy and purchase that product they are recommending, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Always Read Reviews

Never make an impulse purchase! The salons make commission off of selling the products that you see lining their walls, so of course they are going to push the product on you and tell you that it is “the best” for your hair. Don’t be so trusting of your hair stylist; write down the name of the product, or products, that they are trying to sell you, and then start researching.

The best place to conduct any research is the Internet. There is going to be a wealth of reviews out there on almost any product, and a lot of these reviews are very in depth. The women and men who have purchased these products will not only tell you whether or not they liked the product, but they often will tell you about their hair type, age, and the quality of their hair. You can get a very good picture of whom the product works for and who it doesn’t after reading just a few quick reviews online.

If you have friends who also frequent the salon and like to buy hair products, ask them what they thought of the product. After you have determined that the product is right for you and your hair, go back to the salon and make a purchase. You can still go back and tell the salon the name of your hair stylist so that he or she still has a chance to make commission on your sale.

Start with Samples

Any hair salon who is trying to push products on you should also have a lot of samples in store. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample before you buy! Ask for one, two, three or even more if you feel comfortable, especially if they are asking you to buy many different products at once. This way you can test and see how the products all interact with each other before you invest a ton of your hard earned cash into them.