The Perfect Lip Plumper

Many thousands of women throughout the world have a craving for larger, plumper lips. Models are plastered all over glossy magazines month after month where they are pouting wonderful sexy, thoroughly kissable lips. Born like this – with these wonderful hot lips, do you think, or some help along the way some where?

The Cosmecuitical

Cosmecuitical is where two technologies are brought together into one – pharmaceutical and cosmetics. This technology allows ladies to undergo an alteration of their appearance to a fairly dramatic extent. However, there is actually no surgery involved. No scalpels, no needles, no trauma.

Here are a few examples of cosmecuitical in action:

* acne type of products that have the same effect as those of chemical peels, laser therapy and micro-dermabrasions for the removal of acne scarring

* skin plumping and wrinkle filling products such as hyaluronic acid

* lip plumpers which are able to deliver hydration therapies and plumping agents but these are in the form of microparticles under the skin. They can last for many hours

* fat reduction creams and cellulite creams and gels which offer the breaking of the cellulite in places such as the thighs and the buttocks

What makes a good lip plumper?

Ideally before you buy a lip plumper you should look for customer reviews to assess feedback. There will almost always be at the very least one positive review for a good lip plumper and there may also be some photos of the “before” and the “after”. Check out a few online forums for chat about good lip plumpers. Do an internet search for something like “good lip plumper reviews” or something similar.

Do look for moisturizing ingredients (emollients) and do not go for the alcohol based products or the particularly acidic products. These tend to dry out the skin and make the lips look parched. They only last around an hour at most. The way they work is to irritate the outer dermal layer of the lip which thus only lasts very temporarily.

If you see the term “lip plumping gel” to describe a product then its best to stay away from it. Gel bases tend to crack the skin because they have the effect of drying rather than moisturizing. The best option is a cream-based lip plumper.

Arguably the best type of lip plumper is one that is cream-based with the added benefit of collagen, which is absorbed into the lips, which has the effect of moisturizing and plumping the lips for many hours after any one application. The lips are also provided with a slight sheen, which makes them look that little bit more attractive, but without any sticky sensation.

So with all this said, yes, it is definitely possible to have the fuller and plumper lips with no need for cosmetic surgery. The only thing you need to know is which lip plumper works and which to stay clear of. With the right one you will certainly see a difference in your own lips. As mentioned, the perfect lip plumper offers a joint moisturizer and plumper, so stick to a policy of no pouch parching and you should be just fine!