One Week, 7 Looks Ponytail Hair Styles

The ponytail trend is one that has been around for many years but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere fast. Of course, this is good news for women everywhere, as this hairstyle is a go-to option or hairstyle saviour that can always be relied upon.

Bad hair day or hair needs washing and you don’t have time? Simply, tie it up in one of the following ponytail styles and it’s guaranteed to look on-trend. Plus, the ponytail only takes a couple of minutes to achieve so it’s a fast and effective way of taming your hair whether it’s for a night out or a casual daytime look.

One of the main benefits of wearing your hair in a ponytail is that you can create a range of looks by adapting or updating it. Here’s how you can re-invent the ponytail and create seven different looks for each day of the week:

The High or Low Ponytail

Depending on what you think suits you best; you can style your hair in a low or high ponytail. This may not seem like a dramatic change at first but altering the height of your ponytail is a great way to give your hair an instant update. All you will need for this is a hair band and a comb to ensure you pull all the hair back off your face neatly.

The Plaited Ponytail

Any good at plaiting your hair? Fear not: the good news is you don’t have to be to achieve this look. Hair specialists have now created clip in plaited hair pieces which makes your job a whole lot easier as you simply add the hair piece to your hair. If you want to create the look on your own hair all you would need to do is create a normal ponytail, split the hair into three sections, create a plait and tie with a hair band at the end.

The Parted Ponytail

By using a tail comb you will be able to create different partings which will immediately alter your ponytail look. Why not try a side, middle or zip zag parting to shake up your style? Once the parting is in place, add a touch of hairspray so the hair stays secure and neatly in place.

The Twisted Ponytail

Once your ponytail is complete, take a strand of hair and wrap it round your ponytail to cover up your hairband.
The Evening Ponytail

For evening elegance, you may want to add a subtle accessory for added glamour. Try pulling your hair back neatly off your face and fasten with a hair band to secure. Then add a delicate headband or hairclips that are in keeping with the rest of your outfit.

The Curled Ponytail

Create a simple neat ponytail, take straighteners or a curling wand and create a few curls which will add significant volume and lift the hair.

The Straight Ponytail

Straighten the hair from root to tip and then tie all the hair up with a hair band in a high or low pony. This look is simple yet effective and one that suits many hair types!

TIP: No matter what ponytail look you are trying to achieve, take a look at the Hershesons website today for salon professional services, tips and advice.