How to Choose Which Lip Gloss to Buy

Is there really anything as loved by woman as a good quality lip gloss? Lip gloss comes in every color, every shade, every tint and texture and coverage that one could ever dream of, making it one of the hottest make up products to ever be introduced to the market.

Of any makeup product that you could find in a woman’s purse, lip gloss will be found in 99.9% of all women’s purses. Whether you’re high glam, low maintenance, or NO maintenance, a woman’s lip gloss is something that she often cannot do without – and for good reason. There are a lot of benefits to be had from wearing lip gloss, such as: Continue reading How to Choose Which Lip Gloss to Buy

How to Get a Plump Pout

There are a lot of women out there who have thin, almost non-existent lips. They really want those thick, luscious lips but they aren’t sure how to go about obtaining them. So how can you get that plump out that all of the movie stars seem to have?

Surgical Plump Pouts

You can opt to have lip augmentation surgery, which is also known as lip enhancement surgery. This is a process in which the fats in your own body are implanted into your lips and are thereby utilized to help thicken up your lip tissue. Continue reading How to Get a Plump Pout

How to “Do” Glamour Makeup

During the day, we tend to play down our makeup. We opt for more natural looks, neutral shades, or sometimes we’re in such a rush in the morning that we don’t even bother with makeup at all! As day turns to night, a lot of us choose to switch from that more “au natural” appearance to more bold glamour makeup instead.

Whether you are new to makeup or you are a woman looking for a new glamour makeup makeover, you have come to the right place. Glamour is all about looking sexy and sophisticated and we know how to do it right. Continue reading How to “Do” Glamour Makeup