How to Get a Plump Pout

There are a lot of women out there who have thin, almost non-existent lips. They really want those thick, luscious lips but they aren’t sure how to go about obtaining them. So how can you get that plump out that all of the movie stars seem to have?

Surgical Plump Pouts

You can opt to have lip augmentation surgery, which is also known as lip enhancement surgery. This is a process in which the fats in your own body are implanted into your lips and are thereby utilized to help thicken up your lip tissue. Many women choose to have this surgery as it can be a permanent solution to having thin lips.

Otherwise, you may want to choose collagen injections which are a temporary surgical method to having fuller lips. Fat implants and hyaluron acid treatments are also common ways to temporarily have fuller lips. These treatments can last any where from 2 to 12 months, depending on the type and quality of surgical treatment you receive.

Non-Surgical Methods

One of the easiest ways to make your lips look bigger is to simply draw a line around the outside of your natural lip line with a lip liner pencil and then apply lipstick. This will add a bit of extra depth and size to your lips without giving you that potential “duck” or fake look that surgical lip enhancement options can cause.

TIP: Try to choose a natural tone for during the day and a hot red shade for at night. Both of these colors will make our lips look fuller and thicker.

Before you use the lipstick over your lips, it will also help if you apply foundation first. This will help distort and even erase your natural lip line, so when you do trace the outside edges of your pout, it will be far less obvious.

Here’s another great tip: Use gloss. Applying a glossy lipstick or a gloss over your lipstick will instantly add extra depth and size to your lips.

So what about lip plumpers? These can be rather touch and go. The work for some and for others they just do not work at all. For others still, their lips are far too sensitive to withstand the chemicals that are contained within a lip plumper. If you do want to give a lip plumper a go, then it is important to either test it out beforehand by obtaining a free sample, or to try out a sample in the store and see it if really works. A lot of lip plumpers will give your lips that “tingly” feeling but with little lip plumping results.

There is no wrong way to go when trying to obtain a plumper pout. Though surgical options are certainly more permanent, you have to consider the cost of the surgery itself in addition to the potential health risks they involve. If you have any questions about the process, visit a couple of different plastic surgeons and ask them for further information.