How to “Do” Glamour Makeup

During the day, we tend to play down our makeup. We opt for more natural looks, neutral shades, or sometimes we’re in such a rush in the morning that we don’t even bother with makeup at all! As day turns to night, a lot of us choose to switch from that more “au natural” appearance to more bold glamour makeup instead.

Whether you are new to makeup or you are a woman looking for a new glamour makeup makeover, you have come to the right place. Glamour is all about looking sexy and sophisticated and we know how to do it right.

The Dramatic Eye

You can create dramatic eye makeup in a number of different ways. Some of the best tools and tricks that you can use include:

  • Thicker, bolder eye liner. Try using liquid eye liner rather than your pencil to really get that “dramatic” look
  • Smoky eyes, or smudged eye shadows in dark shades with an iridescent shimmer along the brow bone
  • 2 or more coats of black, lash lengthening mascara, or false eye lashes
  • Penciled in and darkened eyebrows to truly frame your face

Some women also opt to use eye colored contacts to really change up their appearance! Color contacts come in almost every single color these days, so if you are a brown eyed girl wanting to try out a pair of blue eyes for a night, you certainly do have the option.

Perfect Your Pout

Bring out the pout! Glamour is all about accentuating your lips and giving them that plump, kissable look. To really plump up your lips, you can try any number of “lip plumping” products or lipsticks on the market today, though do be sure to do your research. Some lip plumping products make claims to plump up your lips when in reality they do, well, not a darn thing!

As a natural alternative, some women swear by rubbing cayenne pepper on their lips. Do be warned: this is for the braver ladies out there!

TIP: It’s not hard to create the illusion of having plump lips without using a lip plumping product. Use a nude or matching-colored lip pencil and draw the line right outside of your natural lip line. Follow up with your lipstick color of choice and add some gloss on top. Voila! “Naturally” plumper lips!

Glamour means Good Skin

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of having nice skin. Having a flawless complexion makes one appear to be rich, relaxed, and youthful – all things that have a whole lot to do with “glamour”. Be sure to choose a foundation that offers the appropriate coverage that you need and never shy away from using some cover up where required. Follow up these look with a loose powder and apply a rosy shade of blush to your cheeks.

TIP: You may also want to invest in a “body shimmer” product that you can apply to your cheek bones, temples, inner and outer eyelids, and any where else on your body that you think needs a bit more “shine”.