How to Choose Which Lip Gloss to Buy

Is there really anything as loved by woman as a good quality lip gloss? Lip gloss comes in every color, every shade, every tint and texture and coverage that one could ever dream of, making it one of the hottest make up products to ever be introduced to the market.

Of any makeup product that you could find in a woman’s purse, lip gloss will be found in 99.9% of all women’s purses. Whether you’re high glam, low maintenance, or NO maintenance, a woman’s lip gloss is something that she often cannot do without – and for good reason. There are a lot of benefits to be had from wearing lip gloss, such as:

Hydration! Most lip glosses offer a whole lot of moisturizing naturally as they are oil based, though many now also come infused with other moisturizing properties such as vitamin E and olive oil.

Sun protection. Some of the best lip gloss products out there now offer sun protection any where from SPF15 to SPF60. As everyone knows, the sun is one of the top “agers” that we face and the tender, sensitive skin of our lips is often left unprotected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Plumps up lips. Some lip glosses even come infused with “lip plumping” ingredients, even though naturally wearing a lip gloss will make your lips appear fuller and thicker.

You can find lip gloss in a number of different shades, including sheer and translucent shades, and they often offer several different qualities such as:

  • A frosted finish
  • A glitter finish
  • A glossy finish
  • A metallic sheen

Because of the various characteristics that lip gloss has, it’s a great choice for any woman who doesn’t want the dramatic effect of lipstick but is looking for a touch of color for her lips. Similarly, if you love lipstick, a gloss can be used to gloss over your lipstick, or you can use the gloss on your more “au natural” days or while working out at the gym.

The different forms of lip gloss can make it a somewhat troubling choice for some. There are the lip glosses that come in a “roll up tube”, quite similar to lip balm. These are waxier and are far less wet than the type that comes in a tube with an applicator. These lip glosses are more intended to protect and nourish lips while offering a touch of color.

Next, you can find lip glosses that come in small jars and that can be applied either by your finger tip or with a lip brush.

The most popular form of lip gloss comes in a small bottle that has a small applicator at the end of a wand which is used to apply it to your lips. These types of lip glosses offer the greatest diversity of choice and are the best choice for women looking to enhance their appearance.

What ever look you’re after, lip gloss will deliver! Check out a number of different shades and textures of lip gloss next time you’re at the beauty counter, and see which ones the beauticians recommend.