How to Choose Flat Irons for Hair

Apart from the blow dryer, flat irons for hair are the most popular hair styling tool used in the world (yes, it even surpasses the hair curler!). This may very well be why when you enter any drugstore or beauty store you are bombarded with tons of different selections for flat irons or “hair straighteners”. Not only that, but you have flat irons for hair that are for $20, flat irons for hair that are $70, and some that are even close to $200. So just how do you know which ones to choose?

There are some things that must be taken into consideration when thinking about buying a flat iron. The most important of them all of course is what material is being used to help retain heat and actually flatten your hair.You can choose any of the following:

  • Ceramic flat irons
  • Aluminum
  • Gold-tone flat irons
  • Jade flat irons
  • Pink flat irons
  • Tourmaline flat irons


Any flat irons that are made up of metal, such as an aluminum flat iron for hair, are ones that you should pass up on. Not only does the metal not retain heat very well, but it is also quite damaging to hair.

No matter what different type of hair straightener or flat iron they may attempt to throw at you, always go for ceramic. Ceramic holds heat well and it is by far the least damaging to your hair.

Now you must consider the actual width of the flat iron. You can find “mini” flatirons for those of you with less than an inch of hair on your head (this flat iron is ideal for almost all men too). The width of the flat iron should correlate with the thickness and length of your hair. If you have relatively normal, medium-thick hair, then go for any flat iron over 1-inch. For more coarse hair, aim for the widest hair iron possible. Those with thinner hair can easily use a flat iron that is 1-inch in width or smaller.

A lot of people may tell you that a flat iron is a flat iron and to go for the least expensive one – even if it is a ceramic – but you should consider otherwise. Paying $20 for a flat iron for hair that will do you no favors is a waste of money, whereas paying $50 for a flat iron that works and will last is a good investment. For this reason alone it is generally recommended by a lot of women that you be wary of the “common” hair care brands that make shampoos and conditioners, but are trying to market hair straighteners to you.

The best flat irons that you can find are probably sitting on the shelves in a beauty store or a salon, and not the drug store. If you do visit a salon, you will also be able to ask them for their expert opinion as to which flat iron works and which one isn’t worth the cash.

TIP: Discount beauty stores often have sales on last years flat iron models. Always check there first so you can get a real deal on your flat iron!