Hair Highlight Ideas & Tips

Think that highlighting hair is as simple as that? Think again. There are a lot of different hair highlight ideas and trends out there these days that a lot of women take part in – even when perhaps they shouldn’t.

If you’re new to the hair highlighting scene and you’re not exactly sure what sort of highlights to ask for, here are some things to think about and some different styles to help you narrow down just what’s right for you.

Why Get Highlights?

Apart from the fact that highlighting your hair is usually less expensive and less obvious than doing a full head hair color change, highlights give you the ability to actually highlight your very best features.This means that choosing what kind of highlights you have put into your hair is all the more important.

Don’t settle on the biggest highlighting trends; all too many women went for the “chunky” highlights when they should have gone for a more subtle look, and vice versa. Hair highlight ideas and trends come and go, but once you find something that works for your face and skin tone, you should stick with it.

Some other things to consider before getting highlights include:

  • Your hair style
  • Your hair color (colored or natural)
  • Your complexion
  • Your current profession (most lawyers would NOT get away with bright pink highlights!)

Face Framing Highlights

Face framing highlights are perhaps the most basic of them all, given that the highlights themselves are only placed around the face. These highlights will actually “frame” your face, and brighten up a dull complexion. A lot of women credit their highlights to also giving them a more youthful glow!

Face framing highlights are usually placed under the hair, so that they are subtle and also when they begin to grow out, it is far less noticeable.

Blonde Highlights

Almost every woman, when she asks for highlights is asking for BLONDE highlights. Not all women should go the blonde highlight route, however. Blonde highlights work best with:

  • Ash blondes
  • Dark blondes
  • Light browns
  • Punky and funky hair dos

If you have dark hair and plan on keeping your hair dark, blonde highlights may end up looking tacky and unattractive. Check out some pictures online of girls who have gotten blonde highlights and who have either medium brown hair, chestnut hair, or black hair and see if you like the final results.

Obvious Dramatic Highlights

When we’re talking about dramatic highlights, we mean the skunk strips and the chunky highlights mentioned earlier in this article. These types of highlights are definitely not applied to hair to give you a “subtle” look; they are there to stand out, bring attention to you, and to give you a trendy look. A lot of these sorts of highlights are also done in unnatural hair colors such as pink and orange and blue.

TIP: For a more subtle “funky” look, choose colors that are close to your hair color. For instance, if you already have dark hair, go for a navy blue or deep purple. If you have blonde hair, go for peach tones and light oranges.