Get Fuller Lips Naturally – Enhance Your Appearance with Fuller Lips

Do you wish for naturally fuller lips? Well, this article is what you’ve been looking for! Women with full lips from the show business world are creating a trend. Credit arguably goes to the Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie who is worldly famous for her full lips – and hey, it looks so natural!

It may not be easy for a lady with extremely thin lips to feel self-confident particularly if men almost everywhere prefer those girls with fuller lips, which right now, they do. In this article you will learn how you can be sweet, appealing and gorgeous with a fuller set of lips!

Why doesn’t every woman possess full lips?

The majority of women are not naturally blessed with full pouty lips while a small number of fortunate women with a fortunate genetic make-up do exhibit that normal charming look. Charming? Maybe not! Sexy, yes thats better!

Just before I discuss with your about how to gain the pouty lip look naturally, just to make it clear – thin lips can actually be caused by dehydration. When the lips turn out to be dehydrated, they definitely become thinner and blend better within the contours of the face. Be certain that you are hydrating yourself with the suggested quantities of liquid. If you are and your lips are still thin-looking then you may want to skip onto the following pointers.

Are lip plumpers effective?

How do lip plumpers work? They irritate the skin cells upon the outer surface of the lips thus making them swell. These plumping glosses are trendy because they are a rapid and a cheap method to achieve fuller lips – it could be argued, naturally.

And what about lip enlargement pumps?

Enlargement pump. Sounds a bit scary, right? Don’t worry! This is simply a suction pump which when used will cause the blood to flow towards and into the lips. This then brings the lips to look more plump. Some ladies who have used a pump for some time say that they need use it less to gain the same effect if used on a constant basis. There is room for speculation there, but I’m not one to make the judgement call. If you apply your lip gloss after using the pump you will indeed have a hot, sexy and pouty set of lips to be proud of!

Is the enlargement pump safe?

If using an enlargement pump for the first time then take it slowly and don’t get aggressive with the pump. If at all you feel discomfort in your lips then stop. What’s happening here is that too much blood is flowing too quickly into the lips and this could then lead to bruising.

If you suffer bruising and you intended to head out for a social evening then I suggest forget it! Bruising can look messy and you’ll be the center of attraction for the wrong reasons!

So the thing is to be patient with the pump and go slow and learn from the experience. Build up gently. Assess the results after each pump session.

Is there any other way to plump out lips?

There is only one time that its possible to attain those nice juicy plumped up lips naturally and that is during the menstrual cycle. This is simply because of the hormonal change within the body, which actually does enhance and bring about fuller lips naturally.