5 Hair Mistakes That Age You

As we get older, we do all we can to make ourselves look as youthful as possible. We avoid the sun, use the most scientific face creams and even use botox as a quick fix to our skin. But somehow, all we seem to do to combat the aging in our hair is slap some home colour on and hope for the best!

We all know that graying locks are the most obvious sign of aging but there are a few other ways that your hair ‘do could be adding unwanted years on to your look.

All in one length

If your hair is all one length, your style will lack movement.Movement is the magical ingredient that good stylists use to make hair appear youthful and bouncy.Try long layers to remove weight from the lengths of your hair to make it swing as you walk. Think of it this way – blunt edges will accentuate all the lines on your face, while layers can actually soften your look.

Too much product

Many women think that the more product they use, the fuller and more voluminous their hair will look. This is a common mistake and can actually backfire.

While mousse, gel and hairspray can give your hair temporary lift, they also work to set your style and steal all the shine from it too. This is the most aging combination of all. A well-cut style won’t need much product as the layers will add natural volume. A small squirt of light mousse will do the trick to eliminate frizz, and a drop of serum once dry will add shine and a youthful glow.

Very, very blonde

Think about the way your skin loses colour as you get older. Bleaching your hair and going very blonde is just draining all the remaining warm tones from your complexion and making you look old before your time.

Why not try a slightly darker base with golden tones and highlights to add texture and interest? Always ask for warmer colours when you’re going for highlights, cool platinums and beiges will make your skin appear tired and will sallow your complexion.

Dry and split ends

As well as losing pigment, your hair slowly loses the ability to retain moisture as time passes. While it may have been a doddle to keep hair smooth and glossy when you were younger, it requires a little bit more effort as you age.

A good idea is to use a deep conditioning mask at least once a week and only shampoo every other day. Shampoos rinse all the natural oils away from your scalp.

Regular trims will keep split ends at bay and keep your hair looking glossy and fabulous.

Super straight style

Your face can start to look long and drawn when teamed with a straight and lank style. Heat styling to achieve the super straight look can leave hair dull and dry too.

Hair accessories like round brushes and Velcro rollers are amazing for helping to create the soft curls that are the trademark signs of youthful locks.